Tips For Spending A Great Birthday Even When You’re All By Yourself

Tips For Spending A Great Birthday Even When You’re All By Yourself

Are you feeling bad about spending your birthday alone? Don’t be! Here’s how you can have a smashing birthday, even all by yourself!


Give Yourself A Day Off

Most of us live pretty predictable lives. Wakeup, rush to get to work or school, rush to finish the task for the day, get home¾and then repeat that cycle. More often than not, life can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, where you’re constantly running but not getting anywhere. This is especially true if you happen to be on your twenties or thirties; the busiest time of your life. But make your special day different. Get off the hamster wheel…it’s your birthday! Take a day off to spend all on yourself. You can make an itinerary full of things to do, or simply catch up to a little well deserved rest.


Buy Yourself A Gift

If you have a job or presentable bank account, why would you wait for someone else to buy you a gift for your birthday? Buy it yourself. You can spend your birthday walking around and shopping for that special gift, spending a preplanned amount of money on yourself, or even buy your gift online in a trustworthy place like Layby that has almost anything you could want. The important thing is to mark your special day, with a special and tangible token that you can look back on with fondness. Remember, your gift to yourself can even be a meal at an elite restaurant; someplace you wouldn’t normally consider but always wanted to go to. The tangible memory? A selfie with your meal should work quite well…!


Hire Yourself A Gift

When it comes to giving yourself birthday presents, you should also consider intangible things. consider hiring your birthday gift instead of buying it. For example, if you love luxury vehicles or old fashioned open top cars, consider hiring one for the day. Drive around in it, enjoy it to its best. You could even do your grocery shopping in it! If you ’ve been missing your inner child, consider indulging it for the day. Hire a fun house (adult sized) for your backyard, invite a few friends over and have a blast. Don’t want to share? Get an indoor ball pool that you can frolic in all you want!


Pamper Yourself Extravagantly

What better day to choose to pamper yourself than your birthday? Let go of your diet for the day and give into your cravings. Indulge your taste buds. Make an appointment with a spa or massage parlor and give your whole body a well deserved pampering. You can even have a scented bath (or use a luxury bath bomb) right at home if you choose.


Take A Day Trip To Make Memories On Your Birthday

Tripping by yourself can be pretty fun. You can either choose to trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to go to, or simply wing it and take a road trip; stopping where your mind decides. Doing so in a weekend is ideal, but nothing is stopping you from making it a day trip either.

The Dangers of Not Wearing Protective Gear

The Dangers of Not Wearing Protective Gear

If you are engaging in certain activities such as playing cricket or riding a motorcycle then it is best to make sure that you have the appropriate protective gear. Engaging in this kind of activities without the use of protective gear may be very detrimental to you.

Use of Protective Gear

Protective gear such as motorcycle helmets will keep you safeif you have a fall. The helmet is designed in such a way to cushion the rider’s head which would protect them if there were to crash or collide while on the road. As riders do not have the security of being in an enclosed vehicle it is vital that you are wearing a helmet. In order for the helmet to be effective and do its job well, you first have to make sure that you purchase the right type of helmet. For example, if you have a helmet that is too big for you it may fall off your head before you fall. If you wear a helmet that is too tight the discomfort could cause you to lose control of the bike which could result in you falling. Therefore it is important that you first try on the helmet before you purchase it to ensure the helmet fits you well.

The Benefits

Damage to the head can lead to many complications, so wearing a helmet can aid in making your injuries less severe. If you were to fall off your bike or if you were to crash into another vehicle on the road, a broken hand would not be as severe as a broken head. Head injuries can lead to many complications and may even result in death therefore it is important that at all times you wear a helmet. It is vital that you have two helmets as if you have a passenger with you then it is necessary that he or she is also wearing a helmet.

Know the Roads

When you are operating a motorbike it is important that you are always in control. Although you wear a helmet you should not think that you are completely protected. While wearing a helmet is very important it is also vital that you pay attention to the road. In order to be in control when you are driving you should not get easily distracted by your surroundings. Even if a fellow rider on the road cuts you off or steals your parking spot you should try your best to not let this get to you as this could disrupt your focus when you are driving which could cause you to crash. You should also make sure that you do not text and drive and even if you have the phone strapped to your ear, talking on the phone and driving is never a good idea. This is because you will not be able to give your full attention to the task of driving as your attention will be split between driving and the conversation you are having with the person on the other end on the line. Therefore it is best to strip yourself from all distractions and merely focus on operating your motorcycle when on the road.

Top 5 Things to Avoid Doing at a Funeral

Top 5 Things to Avoid Doing at a Funeral

Life is all about maintaining a balance! Just like how you can have fun at a wedding and dance the night away there comes a time when you have to attend a ceremony that is the complete opposite. Since death is inevitable, you cannot dodge the chance of attending a funeral. Be it a friend or a relative, you have to make sure you attend the funeral ceremony and pay your last rites. However, there are a certain set of basic protocols that must be kept in mind when attending a funeral. Here are the top 5 things that you must avoid doing at a funeral.

Dress According To the Occasion

It is important that you do not forget the purpose of the occasion. Do not make the mistake of arriving at the funeral dressed in an outfit that is suitable for a party or wedding. Make sure you choose an outfit that isn’t too revealing and not very eye-catching or one that has too much bling. Choose something simple and decent that is appropriate for the occasion.

Capturing the Moment

There are many occasions taking pictures is considered to be quite normal. However, a funeral is not a place to capture pictures of the ceremony or take selfies with your loved ones. There are certain rules to be followed and taking pictures is generally frowned upon during such serious occasions. However, if you really need to take a picture of the deceased in order to keep it as a memory, make sure you do so, discreetly.

Watch Your Words!

If you are given the responsibility of delivering an obituary speech, make sure you choose your words wisely. Do not get carried away and narrate personal incidents related to the deceased or a story that you know he/she wouldn’t like being talked about in public. Make sure you write a speech that is heartfelt and unlikely to hurt anyone in the audience.

Not Respecting the Deceased

One of the most common things the funeral director often complains about is that people tend to arrive late and disturb the entire service. If you have been given time to arrive, then make sure you arrive ahead of time or at least at the exact time. Do not arrive late and start looking for a seat and disturbing the others.

Keep the Phone Aside

The first thing to do before you enter a funeral service is to switch off your phone or keep it on silent. You wouldn’t want your phone to ring in the middle of a quiet service and cause several heads to turn and glare at you, would you? Apart from this, make sure you avoid texting or constantly checking your phone as this may seem disrespectful.

Most people tend to lack the basic knowledge regarding funeral etiquette and end up behaving in such a manner that can hurt the close family members of the deceased and the others who are attending the ceremony. Therefore, it is important to be made aware of these basic funeral etiquettes in order to avoid making those around you extremely uncomfortable.