Chris Reeve’s One Of The Best – The Sebenza 31Knife

Sebenza 31 is a daily carry knife with Chris Reeve’s basic yet effective style, which has led to the Sebenza being dubbed “the ultimate folding knife” among many. A basic titanium knife that has been lapped entirely flat and then flat after heat processing offers you that bank-vault lock sensation with a spring steel kind lock bar function you may recognise and feel.

The Blade

Chris Reeve Knives uses CPM S45VN stainless steel in collaboration with Crucible Industries to create a blade that is both robust and hard. This strong chromium and niobium tool metal resists chipping, marring, and maintains its razor-sharp edge cut after cut, thanks to its HRC of 59-60. The hollow ground drop point blade has a thin contour cutting surface, and the stone wash polish renders it even more rust resilient for usage in a variety of environments. In this range, the Sebenza 31 is the smaller, daily carry-friendly blade. This 3 oz. blade fits neatly in the pocket when folded and even better in your hand when ready to utilize, with an entire length of 6.98″ as well as a blade length of 2.99″.

sebenza 31
Image Source: Pexels

The Handle

The grip is composed of 6AI4V blasted aluminium, which has a high strength-to-weight ratio and resists oxidation. A 1/8 inch hole is incorporated into the frame lock “The use of a ceramic ball reduces friction between titanium and steel, resulting in a durable, firm lock. The titanium wallet clip has been shifted to offer you a good appreciation in your palm than prior versions, making it ideal for depth, tip-up use. The Small Sebenza 31 comes in both right and left-handed versions, with a variety of customising possibilities.

The sebenza is perhaps his most well known knife. This knife named after the Zulu phrase for “work” and used by collectors, enthusiasts, and anybody who demands only the finest in form, functionality, and bare-bones aesthetics, is famous among collectors, aficionados, and everyone who demands only the finest in shape, feature, and bare-bones aesthetic appeal. It is the epitome of “no-frills.” What you do receive is a basic titanium grip that has been surface ground and is fitted to a multi functional S35VN steel blade that has been machined, heat-treated, cooled, and then surface ground to tolerances of less than 1/10th of a thousandth of an inch. These tolerances are on par with those used in the aviation sector, resulting in a smooth sliding blade, an affordable and quality catch, and no side movement. The steel, which has a Rockwell hardness of 59-60, is adaptable enough to avoid breaking even in the most extreme conditions while also being robust enough to maintain an edge on that hollow ground edge for a long period. T

The Devil, As They Say, Is In The Specifics

Stone washing at 20,500 RPMs gives the hollow ground sword an oxidation, non-reflective polish that enables for a longer lasting sharpness than bead-blasted competition. It is also rather beautiful to look at. The pieces are put together by hand and secured with screws that have been tightened to a precise torque. Even the bevel on the back of the sword is hand-cut to provide the extra grip and performance that the CRK sebenza 21 is known for.

An All-Purpose Sebbie

You will need the little sebbie stored away in your pants pocket or on your belt, locked in place by the titanium clip, for heavy cutting tasks, constant use, or as a daily carry knife. The nylon tether will keep it from going too far if you drop it during use, giving you the extra peace of mind you will need for what will quickly be your beloved knife. It can be kept secure and clean in an additional leather belt scabbard or cowhide leather pouch, which can be folded up for convenient access.

The Sebenza Folding Knife Known For Its Precision

Aside from the sebenza 31’s world-famous quality, artisan ship, and meticulous, the Sebenza31 knife is ideal for outdoor hobbies, camping, sailing, tactical, or survival uses. Not just that, but it is a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching blade. So expect a talk whenever you pull this knife out, particularly if you are around individuals who know their knives.