Ways to Add Extra Beauty to Your Garden

Doesn’t matter whether your garden is small or big there are always ways to make it look lively and interesting by adding various decoration items or accessories. Here are some decoration ideas that you can try out in any garden irrelevant of their size.

Zen Gardens

You can give your garden a whole new and unique look by creating a Japanese Zen garden. Not only will this look add beauty to your garden but also will give mental and psychological benefits. Zen gardens recreate nature using rocks, sand or gravel with certain swirling patterns incorporated into its layout. These patterns and designs are known to soothe the human mind and will be ideal after a hectic day at work. The rocks, well-trimmed shrubs and the ponds will add an extra look to your garden. You can either design your whole garden according to this layout or reserve a separate corner of your garden to create a zen garden.

Pots and Vases

You don’t always have to follow the traditional methods of gardening by planting every plant in a pot or a vase. Instead, you can be creative and innovative. If you have a collection of old hats, caps or shoes that you intend to throw out, why not give them a new purpose and use them to plant new seeds? You can even paint them if you like. Similarly, you can use old cans, tires, and jars in your garden, like pots. The key to being unique is to try out things that no one dares to try.


As some additional decoration for your garden, you can add certain ornaments to it.  A lantern hanging from a low branch, a well-made fence or an old iron gate, a little bench will make your garden look as if it is a scene from a fairy-tale. You can also add some waterworks such as a small pond or a fountain. If you want you can add a statue or a two or even some gnomes. But be careful when adding ornaments to the garden as overdoing decorations will make the place lose its beauty and will start looking cluttered.

Add Variety

Your garden will look pretty boring if you have the same colored flowers or if you chose the same crops every time. Instead, when planning to add new plants to your garden try out ones that are really new; in other words, try out plants that you have never had in your garden or have not had in a while. When deciding the layout of your garden consider the colors of the leaves and especially the flowers. Never place same colors together.


To make the place even more fantastic at night add some fairy lights or decking lights. No matter how beautiful the garden is, if no one can see that beauty at night it will all be in vain. Properly planned lighting can even make your garden look like a well prepared romantic setting. To make things much clearer at night you can even try some post lights or LEDs.

It is not the size of the garden that matters to its beauty but the way you utilize the space that is given to you. Well planned decorations paired with good maintenance can give you the perfect garden.